How to get my VoiceOver work done over the Internet?


Do I need a recording studio?

Not necessarily, I have my own studio where I do most of my work.

What if I want to be present to direct the recording session remotely?

If live directions/coaching is required, ISDN Option is available, and can be arranged.

However, understanding the concept is the most important part. I am very confident I can help you pass on to me what you expect from the recording session.

What are the available payment options?

– Paypal
– WireTransfer or Bank deposit > Argentina Only.

What do I need as a creative reference?

Is there a voice you like, and you want it that way?
Sean Connery? Jeremy Irons? SpongeBob? Gollum?
Let me know! References help keep work organized and creatively consistent.

Work Procedure

VoiceOver Work. How do we do it, remotely?

1) You tell me what you need. (Or give it a try, I will “help you help me”).

2) I try to understand (and let you know if I can be that voice).
– No, I don’t scare people on the phone with my Dracula voice anymore –
Music, deadlines & more happen in this talk.

3) You now proceed to send me a proper script. Final COPY, (right?)

4) A budget is generated for that purpose, and sent for your approval.

5) New clients are asked to make a down-payment (50%).
Regulars skip to step 6.

REC – Magic in the Booth!

6) (a) “Well done, you have a wonderful voice! I did’t know you had such nice vocal color and smoothness, so nice! You sound like a young Barry White”, and so on.
(b) Some minor corrections are contemplated in the budget, don’t worry!

7) Payment is completed.
(1st time 50% left, if you are a regular just ask for the bill).

* If you are happy with what you’ve got, & spread the good word (praise The Lord!) to new customers, you get a 50% DISCOUNT on your next VO piece!

* For every 5 mistakes on the script, you pay dinner for two at the W Hotel New York.
(Well not really, but it is much appreciated to double-check that the script has no mistakes/typo’s that may interfere with the recording’s natural dynamics)-

* VoiceOvers can be edited against music, video, or just plain voice, at your request.

* Anything not on the menu, feel free to ask!

After all, all I do is talk

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